The Japanese Yen continues to trade near a seven-week high against the euro and the dollar, as the global economic recovery is slowing, increasing demand on safe heaven assets. Majors moved today in tight ranges during the Asian session due to the limited volumes seen usually during summer.

The euro rose against the dollar during the Asian session. The pair recorded today a high of 1.2816 and a low of 1.2791, and now the pair is trading around 1.2813. The pair is trading in an oversold area according to the four hours and daily momentum indicators, which might weaken its downside movement seen now. During its decline the euro will face a support at 1.2750.

The pound also inclined slightly against the dollar during the Asian session, recording today a high of 1.5593 and a low of 1.5562, and now the pair trades around 1.5587. The daily momentum indicators show the pair is trading within and oversold area. The pound was able to break the 1.5580 support and now targets the 1.5480 on the short term.

The dollar/yen pair started strengthening again, recording a high of 85.52 and a low of 85.18, and now it trades around 85.48. The four hours and daily momentum indicators support the pair upside movement, which increases the chances of reaching the strong support found at 86.00.