Lindsay Lohan has seen the inside of a court frequently for the past five years, but today it's look like that has ended for her - if she can stay out of trouble.

 Through the years Lohan has been a court for theft, DUI's and has been in and out of jail, rehab and community service. However, today Lohan's formal probation ended, meaning she no longer has to appear in court or report to a probation officer. Her informal probation will end in May of 2014 as long as Lohan does not break any laws. If she does she could face 245 days in jail.

She has done everything this court has asked of her, Judge Stephanie Sautner said.

Sautner also offered Lohan some advice.

You need to live your life in a more mature way, Sautner said. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work. I don't expect to see you again. It's not that hard. I know it's hard when you have people following you all over the place, but that's the life you chose. 

Lohan seems to be happy with her progress and what her next step may be.

I just want to say thank you for being fair, Lohan said to Sautner. It's opened a lot of doors for me, so I really appreciate it.

Lindsay is ending one chapter and getting ready to start the next, her rep Steve Honig said. She is very eager to get back on set and jump into her next few projects.