Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's father, is in trouble with the law once again, this time for allegedly physically assaulting his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Major.

Major told police she allowed Lohan to stay at her Tampa, Fla., condo while he was in town for a court date relating to previous domestic charges filed.

Tampa police told the New York Post that Major claimed the couple argued over the upcoming court date and Lohan's demands for oral sex. TMZ reportedly obtained a copy of the police report which went into further detail about conflicts stemming from sex acts.

Lohan is accused of grabbing Major's arm and pushing her down multiple times, according to the New York Post.

The Post story, working from the police report, does not specify who called the police, but it seems as though it was a neighbor vs. Major herself. According to the report, Lohan was visibly out of breath when he opened the door to police responding to the domestic call.

He immediately got defensive saying 'everything is OK and nothing happened here,' the Post quotes the report as saying. The victim started yelling in the background for us to help her because he was lying.

Police spokesperson Andrea Davis told the Post that Major, 28, had some redness on her arms, some minor bruising and it was determined that [Lohan] grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground a couple of times.

There was additional evidence of domestic unrest in the home, including closet contents thrown around and a dent in the bathroom door, which was apparently self-inflicted by Lohan. Major alleges that he threatened to blame the minor injury on her if she called the police.

Lohan, 51, managed to avert going directly to jail by complaining of chest pains as police took him into custody so that he would be taken to the hospital. After being treated, he reportedly tried to check himself out of the hospital surreptitiously but was apprehended before he could flee.

The Tampa Police Department's Web site indicates that Lohan remains in custody at Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail. There has been no report of a bond being set.

Major is a former reporter for Star magazine, and was previously involved with John Gosselin of John and Kate Plus 8 fame. Gosselin, Major, and Lohan reportedly dined together in the Hamptons in 2009.

Lohan pleaded not guilty to a previous domestic assault charge after Major accused him of abusing her in March.

She has done this many times before, Lohan told the Daily News this spring. She has no money and no job, so this is how she makes money -- creating stories and selling them to tabloids.