Lindsay Lohan's Venice Beach Neighbors rejoiced when the troubled actress moved out of her apartment on Thursday, Radar Online reported.

Everyone is ecstatic that she moved. Goodbye to her and all her drama, an ex-neighbor told she moved here it's been a complete circus with a revolving door of friends in and out of her house and paparazzi camped out permanently. Everyone was so sick of her and her constant attention seeking and mess ups.

Lohan decided to move out of her apartment after she came face to face with a trespasser. Although the trespasser was convicted and banned from her address for two years, the actress still doesn't feel safe staying at her Venice beach address, according to TMZ.

Lonnie Short was arrested on New Year's Day after trespassing on Lohan's property and refusing to leave until the actress spoke to him. The man was sentenced to 24 months' probation and eight daysin county jail, according to the L.A City Attorney.  Short will not be able to go in 100 yards of the actress until 2014, TMZ reported.

Lohan filled two large truck loads during her move.Seriously, every time we heard a siren we hoped and prayed it was the police carting her off again and we would be left in peace. People move to Venice to get away from all the Hollywood bulls--t and everything that she represents, it was a nightmare when she was here, another ex-neighbor told Radar Online

Lohan is currently staying at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood, Radar Online reported. Sources told TMZ that the actress was seriously thinking about moving cross-country to New York when her probation period ends in March.