Lindsay Lohan has remained mum about the 2016 U.S. presidential election until the election day itself. And when she did speak her mind regarding the turnout of votes that favored Donald Trump, the “Mean Girls” actress received a lot of hate on social media.

On Wednesday, just when it was already made clear that Trump won the presidential race, Lohan took the chance to ask for the opinion of her 10 million Twitter followers on whether or not they want a recount.

Unfortunately for Lohan, this did not sit well with many of her followers. It instead stirred a strong wave of hate toward the singer-actress that involved name-calling, while some even bringing up of her past scandals.

One Twitter user (@Jassssssoon) wrote: “Retweet if you think Lindsay is a crackhead.” To this, @BluTears chimed in: “Retweet if sk--k Lindsay should be tested for STD’s before F—kng anyone.” Both tweets refer to the controversies Lohan had faced in the past. She’s been in and out of rehabilitation centers in the previous years, and her list of famous sex partners made headlines in 2014.

Another user (@SheeitDawg) also made fun of Lohan’s history of substance abuse by commenting: “You can barely count to 10, sweetie. Go do some more coke and forget about it. You’re washed up.” Meanwhile, another commenter (@MyKuros) gave Lohan a piece of advice: “You and your crooked candidate lost badly. Stay out of the country. We don’t want you and your sexually transmitted diseases.”

Just last month, Lohan revealed in an interview that “moving to London was the best thing [she has] done for [herself].” She also revealed to Us Weekly back then that her move made her “very involved with meditation — Deepak Chopra [and] transcendental meditation.” Explaining why she went to London, she said that New York was too fast for her, while London gave her the chance to take things slowly and live simply. Lohan also singled out that she liked that London does not pay attention to gossip.

Meanwhile, prior to asking for a recount, Lohan created her own poll on Twitter to see which presidential candidate was being favored by most of her fans. The result was very exciting since Clinton won by a huge margin against Trump. The Week even picked up Lohan’s poll and featured it as a good sign that Clinton was winning. The report was published before the result, so the publication was hopeful that the Twitter poll could have reflected the possible victory of Clinton.