As if posing for Playboy magazine head by Hugh Hefner not once, but twice, wasn't enough practice for her, Lindsay Lohan was so anxious to do the nude scene with "The Canyons" co-star James Deen that she reportedly forced the entire crew on the set to strip, too.

According to a report from TMZ, Lohan, 25, was shooting a "steamy sex scene" with Deen, but was hesitant to go topless in front of the crew. That's when Lohan asked the staff of 10 men to strip down to their boxers, TMZ reported.

"The crew was hesitant at first," TMZ reported. "They eventually obliged and it all went off without a hitch."

TMZ said the entire staff filmed the topless scene in their boxers.

Co-star James Deen, on the other hand, was likely comfortable enough, as the actor has made countless adult films with titles like "Gangbanged 3," "My First Orgy 2" and "Cheerleaders Like It Big" according to his IMDb page.

Lohan, though, is no stranger to stripping down after she posed for the January/February issue of Playboy magazine earlier this year. The shoot inspired by Marilyn Monroe's photos in the first issue of the magazine sold well according to Playboy founder Hefner.

"The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records," Hefner wrote on his Twitter account in December. Lohan reportedly made close to $1 million for the Playboy photos, according to CNN.

"The Canyons" is set in present-day Los Angeles tackling the subjects of "youth, glamour and sex" as written by famed writer Bret Easton Ellis. As a novelist, Ellis has written controversial best sellers like "Less Than Zero," "Lunar Park" and "American Psycho," which was made into a film in 2000 starring Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.

Lohan is also busy working on another project playing Elizabeth Taylor in Llyod Kramer's "Liz & Dick" biopic, currently in post-production. Lindsay Lohan will play Taylor during her time filming "Cleopatra" where she fell in love with Richard Burton.