This Saturday, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live in an attempt to patch up her faulty reputation. Though Lohan began her career as a promising actress, she is now known for her arrests, court dates, and poor physical state. Yet in a new promo for the live NBC show, Lohan pokes fun at her bad-girl persona. Though it won't have the pubic in stitches, it does show her looking refreshed and coherent.

Lohan is not the first star to try and mend a broken career via SNL. Other publically disgraced celebs have used the show as platform for mocking their mistakes. Here are three others who have redeemed themselves through late night comedy.

Winona Ryder: After the talented actress was arrested for shoplifting in 2002, her every move was documented and critiqued by the media. Though she attempted to downplay the incident, CCTV footage clearly showed her stealing about $3,000 worth of clothing. That same year Ryder hosted SNL and spoofed her wrongdoing in the show's opening monologue.

Robert Downey JR: Throughout the 1990's, the Oscar nominated actor was arrested and jailed multiple times for drug abuse and in one of his most bizarre felonies, he was found taking a nap in a child's bedroom. Downey fell asleep in the stranger's house, which was a few doors down from his actual place of residence. This resulted in the incredibly talented actor being fired from his role on Ally Mcbeal. In 1996, after a summer of imprisonment he appeared on SNL and showed the audience some very interesting slides of his summer vacation. This was just the beginning of Downey's amazing comeback. Since then he was been nominated for multiple awards, had box office success, and steered clear of drugs and alcohol.

Ben Affleck: Following his Oscar win for writing Good Will Hunting in 1998, Ben Affleck was the picture of Hollywood perfection. He was in high profile films, like Armageddon and Changing Lanes and his nice-guy demeanor made him one of Hollywood's most promising talents. By 2004, all that had changed. Not only had Affleck starred in one of the worst films of all time, Gigi, he had been in the most inflated and overly publicized relationshipships of the decade. Affleck's romance with Jennifer Lopez turned the star into a tabloid selling point and his days as a respected actor were up. Affleck chose to laugh off the demise of his career drowning relationship on SNL in his hilarious opening monologue.