After Lindsay Lohan’s impressive interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday, her father Michael said that he and Lohan’s mother Dina are to blame for Lohan’s shortcomings even though she took responsibility for her own actions in the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview on OWN.

Michael and Dina Lohan got divorced in October 2007, which is the same time their daughter began to spiral out of control and self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. “I don’t think she should have taken any of the blame for what happened to her,” he exclusively told Life & Style. “It’s my fault and Dina's fault. We put her in the middle of the divorce. Now it’s up to me and Dina to make this better."

It seems that this time out of rehab will be different for Lohan, according to her father. “I think she has really turned a corner on this,” Michael said. “Lindsay is back to who she was, a very kindhearted and compassionate person.”

Though he admitted their problems as a family, Michael admitted that Lohan’s addiction is what helped to reunite the family.

“The healing in our family has really helped a lot,” Michael explains. “We really came together in helping her.”

Then he added why he has the utmost confidence in her: "She has finally surrendered and is taking her life seriously."

Lohan shot to stardom when she was just a young girl when the “Parent Trap” became a hit in 1998. She continued to make films successfully until 2007. The redheaded beauty fell into trouble with the law and wound up in rehab six times. Lohan said recently that she accepted the fact that she is an alcoholic and is responsible for the negative things in her past. Remarkably, she didn’t fault her parents for what she called a “chaotic childhood,” but father Michael came to Lohan’s side and accepted some of the blame from his 27-year-old daughter anyway.