Lindsay Lohan hasn't starred in a hit film for a number of years. In fact, the only reason she has remained in the headlines for so long is due to her numerous court appearances, rehab stints, and arrests. Though she is set to make a so-called comeback, it's clear that something is still very wrong with Lohan. Her recent appearance has started rumors of plastic surgery and many are having trouble believing that Lohan can pull it together. A week of showing up to rehearsals and appearing in an hour-and-a-half stint on Saturday Night Live cannot erase six years of bad decisions. 

Lohan appeared on the Today show yesterday and blamed others for her poor decisions. She cited those that were in her life not necessarily for the right reasons. Apparently, if you surround yourself with bad influences that can cause you to drive drunk and endanger the lives of others, miss court appearances, fail drug testing, miss talk show appearances, and get fired from numerous films. Yet there were a few she didn't blame. It appears she's made some new friends at the morgue.

Lohan has been completing mandated community service there and revealed:

It's actually amazing how in these situations, how much, how you can go to this place, the two women that I work with there have been so wonderful to me. and I've learned so much just from them and it's just, they're just genuinely nice, good people and everyone there has been really just kind to me. and it's been, it's been a learning experience and I'm glad that i experienced it. I'm grateful that you know, I've learned from it. it's helped me.

Since the starlet is clean and sober for now, perhaps this means the end of her arrests. As we bid farewell to Lohan's youthful indiscretions, though, here are some Lindsey Lohan mugshots through the years.