The day we have all be waiting for has finally arrived -- Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again. Fresh off her Saturday Night Live hosting stint, the 25-year-old emerged from a Beverly Hills hair salon on March 8 with her hair dyed back to its natural ginger hue.  

Lindsay Lohan's hair has been dyed a multitude of hues. In 2005, she dyed her red hair blonde for the first time. Then, in 2006, she opted for raven locks. She dropped those and opted for blonde again in 2007. In 2009 she briefly went back to being a redhead again, then blonde, then red, then blonde. Phew!

During her SNL gig, LiLo's appearance was a main focal point. While in New York City promoting her hosting role before the show, Lohan came under criticism for her puffy face. Many assumed that the starlet underwent plastic surgery.

CeleBuzz spoke to plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher about Lohan's dramatic new face. Though Dr. Fisher has not treated Lohan, after comparing photos of her from 2006 to 2012 he said that she appears to have had work done. She looks like she has had an excessive amount of filler injected in her face, he says, adding, I'm not a fan.

Although faultfinders sniped over Lohan's presumed plastic surgery and dry, bleached hair, fans offered some support.

Beauty and fashion blog Stylelist wrote an open letter to Ms. Lohan, proposing a fresh new look for the actress. The blog advises the actress ditch the platinum extensions and go back to her natural red hue. All we want to do is reiterate how GOOD you USED to look. You nailed that fresh-faced look like few others could. Give it a rest with the false lashes and whatever else is going on there. Also, please stop covering up your freckles, added the blog. Stylelist also recommended Lohan dress her age (and take some cues from the likes of Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth) and get back to a healthier body weight.

So, can red hair save Lindsay Lohan's career?

Redhead, Her Most Successful Hue

Lindsay Lohan has had some of her most successful professional moments as a redhead. Lohan broke into Hollywood at the tender age of 11 with Disney's 1998 smash hit Parent Trap. Everyone loved her adorable freckles and ginger locks. Lohan maintained this hair color through Freaky Friday (a winner for Lohan alongside Jamie Lee Curtis), Mean Girls (which, according to Box Office Mojo has grossed over $129 million since its 2004 debut) and her debut album Speak (which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart).

Then, in 2005, Lohan dyed her hair blonde and her career began to tumble. Her film Herbie Fully Loaded opened to mixed reviews and rumors her partying antics began to spread through Hollywood. In 1006, as a brunette, Lohan received her first Golden Raspberry nomination for Worst Actress for her role in Just My Luck.

In 2009, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for Lohan after drug use rumors, a 2007 DUI and other complications with the law. That year she was back to her natural red hue and released her own self-tanning spray, was the face of Emanuel Ungaro, dated Samantha Ronson and starred as a guest judge on Project Runway. In early 2010, Lohan came in tenth on The Daily Mirror's Sexiest Redheads Ever poll.

Effortlessly Stand Out

There's kind of a big mythology around redheads, said Florence + The Machine superstar singer Florence Welch. There's something kind of magical about red hair.

Biologically, redheads are special. Genetically red hair is a recessive trait. Percentages of redheads in different countries range from single digits to a fraction of one percent -- a recent estimate for France is 0.03 percent of people, according to Ginga online via Yahoo! Voices. The word Ginga itself reportedly means, Persons born with shades of hair defined within the red spectrum. Distinct from those with blond, brown or black hair. Fair skinned (usually), easily freckled, good in a fight, stand out in a crowd.

Some cultures have adopted superstitions about redheads. Yahoo! Voices stated that in Poland, superstition says that if you walk past a redhead three times you will win the state lottery. In New Zealand, red hair is sacred and a woman with red hair is believed to have a clear road to heaven, according to That same website cites the fondness the Irish have for red hair, with the ditty: Heigh for the apple and ho! for the pear. But give me the girl with the pretty red hair!

Joining the Ranks of Other Hollywood Stunners

As a redhead again, Lindsay Lohan will join the ranks of other Hollywood stunners with fiery red hair who have shot to superstardom fame. Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, Kate Walsh and Isla Fisher all proudly rocked red locks. There is something about the hue that grabs attention and keeps it. As for the lads, Prince Harry and Conan O'Brien show us that redheaded men have just as much fun.

Hollywood is not the only business rife with redheads. Throughout history, there have been numerous legendary gingers including Queen Elizabeth I, Lucille Ball, Margaret Sanger, Galileo, Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon.

Nature Knows Best

Of course, no one hair color can guarantee fame or fortune. The bottom line is that Lindsay Lohan is a natural redhead and what's natural is always best. Despite how much she may want to fight it, Lohan is in her prime when she celebrates her inherent beauty.

No matter you think of plastic surgery in general or Lohan's sober, bleached-blond and pouffy-lipped reincarnation in pop culture, it doesn't make it right to totally bash and snark at the way Lohan looks now, wrote Elizabeth Nolan Brown of

Even if Lohan has had plastic surgery, or facial fillers, or lip injections, or whatever, that doesn't justify bashing her or focusing so much on her appearance now. The amount of cruelty and vitriol directed at Lohan online goes far beyond 'it's a shame a young actress feels the need for so much artificiality to feel (pretty/worthwhile/etc.)' to a digital freak-show-folks gawking at the worst photos of Lohan alongside the most red-haired and fresh-faced of Lohan photos from her Disney child star days.

Her fellow redheaded sisters agree.

She was the redhead poster child for our generation! It seemed as though Lindsay had her whole life in front of her and we were convinced this beautiful redhead would have her rise to superstardom. But, somewhere down the line, she drifted towards substance abuse and messed up her career, read a post on How to Be a Redhead, a website dedicated to a redheaded lifestyle.

We believe her career went down the drain when she lost her redhead identity. If she wants her star power back, she should go back to red. Redheads, it's easy to say we disown her, but let's put this in perspective and let's encourage LiLo to find her red roots and get her celebrity BACK! We need to stick together.