Lindsay Ann Miller, a 26-year old Los Angeles woman with cancer, has asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a date.

Miller cites a recent viewing of 50/50 as her inspiration to ask the actor out for coffee. Gordon-Levitt plays a 27-year old radio producer recently diagnosed with cancer in the comedy.

I think I identified with your character more than most people, because I'm 26 and I have cancer, Miller says in the video proposal.

Even though I look healthy, dating has been a little difficult because I'm not sure how to explain what I've been going through. But, after a year of living with this, I've decided to get back on the dating scene, and I'd like my first date to be with you.

Miller was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in Oct. 2010. This type of tumor is slower-glowing and is generally considered less lethal than the more common form of pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs lived with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer for seven years, though Miller points out in her blog that the life expectancy is difficult to determine for someone diagnosed at a young age. (Miller's type of cancer more typically afflicts men in their sixties).

With cancer, there are generally only three categories of living patients: those in treatment, those in remission, and those who have been cancer-free for many years (survivors), Miller writes on her blog. I don't fit fully into any of these categories so I made up a new one: I am a liver.(I am a liver is the name of Miller's blog).

Miller explains that her pancreas is currently cancer-free, but tumors remain on her liver.

I have a type of cancer that is not likely to kill me anytime soon, but it could, she writes.

Miller indeed looks healthy in the video, as she points out. The attractive brunette also displays a healthy sense of humor.

Maybe you could call it my Make-a-Wish, but let's not be over dramatic, she says.

Just a cup of coffee with you would make me happy.

Gordon-Levitt has not yet responded to the invitation (probably because he is busy at Occupy Wall Street). But we hope he says yes, as they would make a really cute couple!