Olympic champion skier Lindsey Vonn is opening up about her history with depression. 

In an interview with People magazine Vonn details that she became afflicted during her Olympic debut in 2002. Also catalyzed by her parents divorce that occurred during that time, her depression was exacerbated by her own marriage.  
"Everything about my life seemed so perfect to people. But I struggle like everyone else," Vonn told the People, adding that there was a time in 2008 when she could not even get out of bed. 
"I felt hopeless, empty, like a zombie."
It was at that point that Vonn decided to seek treatment, and began to feel like a "different person" with a month.
The 28-year-old gold medalist admits that she currently takes anti-depressants to maintain her condition. 
In a continuing effort to rebuild her life, Vonn also filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Thomas Vonn late last year
Her former her former manager and coach, Vonn is nine years younger than her soon-to-be ex-husband, an issue among many that cause her to be estranged from her father for the six years of her marriage. 
"Everyone knows marriage is tough," she said. 
"But it just wasn't working, and it was making me miserable. Nothing bad happened, but there was just unhappiness. That's the only way I can even describe it -- unhappy."
Vonn and her father have recently reconnected.
"All the parts of my life are finally in sync. I accept who I am, and I'm moving forward," she told People.  
Vonn holds a host of medals and records, including a U.S. record 57 World Cup wins, having recently win the 57th on Dec. 8 in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
USA Today notes that she is the only American woman to win downhill gold at the Olympics and the only American woman to win four World Cup overall titles.