Olympic Champion Skier Lindsey Vonn, has spoken out against reports that she owes $1.7 million in delinquent federal taxes.

Vonn owes the IRS $ 1,705,437 from 2010 - the year she won gold in Vancouver, according to the Detroit News.

In a Statement posted on her Facebook Page, Vonn writes:

I am disappointed with this situation. I just recently became aware of the outstanding balance and I have done everything in my power to settle it immediately. The money owed was for the 2010 tax year, which was filed on time, and it has been paid in full. This is an important lesson for me. Not being in control of my finances and relying on someone else who you believed had your best interest at heart was a mistake and one I will not make twice. Lv

Comments posted by fans under the statement were supportive and understanding.

You can't do everything yourself. Unfortunately sometimes people let you down. But you can't let that stop you from asking people to help you. It's just the way it is. The problem with the IRS is that it's there way or the highway. Good luck, wrote Stuart Brock.

Hang in there Ms. Vonn. You will make it thru this struggle. If there is a bright side it is this happened when you have max earning power not 5 or 10 years after your World Cup career is over, says Dick Maynard in another comment posted on Vonn's Facebook page.

A large majority of Vonn's income comes from lucrative endorsement deals, according to the Bleacher Report. Her sponsors include Red Bull, Rolex, Kohl's, Under Armour and Vail Resorts.

Last month, Vonn completed a record-setting race season, the greatest by a woman in the history of the World Cup, according to the New York Times.

Vonn is currently undergoing a messy divorce with Thomas Vonn, who has acted as a manager and coach in her career. The spilt has been highly publicized.

It's something I've been dealing with for a long time, Vonn told the Denver Post. It's part of everyone's personal struggle, and while I'm maybe in the spotlight because of my skiing, I definitely don't publically display any personal troubles I might have.

The Tax lien has been filed again both Lindsey and Thomas Vonn.