Lingo Media Corp., a leading educational products and services company focused on English language learning in China, announced today that it has acquired all issued and outstanding shares of UK-based ELL Technologies Limited, a developer and provider of English language instruction solutions, distributed in 11 markets in Asia and Europe. The purchase will expand the Lingo product line, and extend its reach into 10 new countries, generating increased revenue.

ELL Technologies currently markets its proprietary English language instruction products in China, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Turkey, and the U.S. Their portfolio offers a full suite of interactive English language learning products, already localized into several languages. The new markets will offer Lingo considerable cross-selling opportunities with Parlo, a recently launched fee-based English language learning training and assessment service focused on spoken English.

Lingo President and CEO, Michael Kraft, said, “This acquisition is an example of Lingo Media’s commitment to a strategic business model that acquires undervalued assets and rapidly integrates them into our product portfolio with minimal capital expenditure. ELL Technologies has invested more than US$10 Million in development of its innovative e-learning infrastructure and its proprietary pedagogy, content and technology. The purchase of ELL Technologies, combined with the additions of Speak2Me and Parlo, provides Lingo Media with a strong, complementary suite of online service offerings available 24/7 that give our growing global base of users and customers one of the most comprehensive ranges of English language learning solutions in the market. We look forward to aggressively marketing the ELL Technologies products alongside our recently launched Parlo Business English solution into our increasing sales pipeline in China, and into new markets around the world.”

Lingo Media already has a strong presence in China, representing an education market of 300 million, including strong relationships with key government and industry organizations. The company plans to extend its reach globally, and the ELL acquisition is seen as an important move in this direction.

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