width=200One of the easiest ways to get fresh, local, organic veggies into your diet is to grow them yourself. Now is the time to start planning your garden, and Nutrition Data Blog has some great ideas to get you started.

Thin women aren't the only ones who work out, which is why Laura at Starling Fitness gives kudos to Forever 21 for carrying cute, stylish, plus-sized work out wear.

Here's another reason to quit dieting: According to Balanced Health and Nutrition it leads to overeating, stress, and anxiety. Instead of denying yourself, practice replacing those junk foods with healthier choices.

Watching the amount of sugar you eat? Cutting sweets is obvious, but sugar is hidden in a lot of other kinds of foods too -- even whole wheat bread. FitSugar has tips for sleuthing out hidden sources of the sweet stuff.

Yoga pants are great for yoga, a nice long walk, and other workouts. But are they day wear? There's a discussion going on over at Blogher over whether these modern-day sweat pants should be worn outside the house if you aren't going to break a sweat. What do you think?

The recent news that high fructose corn syrup causes obesity has caused some controversy in the health blogging community. Alan Aragon has a good round-up of the discussion.

Rusty over at The Fitness Black Book asks an interesting question: Does pain tolerance play a role in fitness? As in, do fit people have a higher tolerance for pain than couch potatoes? What do you think?

Breaking a sweat is an important part of fitness, but according to the folks at Weight Loss Journal, dedicated exercise is more than that. Get some great tips for staying focused on your exercise plan.

As a master of excuses, I really have to check myself to make sure I don't talk myself out of working out. Here's a good reminder -- and some great tips -- from Divine Caroline that we all need to get up and move every day.