width=200This is interesting: A diet rich in starchy, processed carbs will pack pounds on both men and women. But, when it comes to heart disease, the same diet seems to be harder on women's hearts than men's, says Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment.

Couch potatoes don't go from flab to fit overnight. If you've been off your fitness game, the best way to get back to it is one step at a time, says Skwigg Blog. This fitness snowball adds one gradual change on top of another until you are back in your full program.

New trend: Inspiration boards. The Fitnessista uses one as a fitness motivational tool. Would this work for you?

Here's a great tip for a healthy but filling mid-morning snack: Do-it-yourself instant oatmeal packs. All the convenience, none of the junk. Thanks Vegan Lunch Box!

An alternative to traditional cardio? Alwyn Cosgrove reports that a kettleball workout works the cardiovascular system just as well, and is more efficient.

Living in the north, I can't tell you how happy I am to be exercising outside again. FitSugar has five spring essentials for your outdoor exercise routine.

That bag of cheesy puffs may seem like a good idea at the time (OK, let's be real, no it didn't), but eating junk all the time just makes you feel worse. Divine Caroline talks about putting the right kind of fuel in your gas tank.