width=200City dwellers -- getting tired of hitting the gym or taking a run through the park? Get creative and enjoy your natural surroundings with urban workouts from Mark's Daily Apple.

Workouts mean sweat, but sweat isn't always socially acceptable. If you're squeezing in a workout during lunch, Starling Fitness has some tips for not driving your friends and co-workers away.

Remember the study that said sitting down too much can kill you? If you need a little help giving up your Internet time, FitSugar has some tips to help you step away from the computer, and outside for a walk.

Want to start living a healthier life today, but you're not sure how to start? Miz Fit has six small changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga in the Olympics ? It could happen....

Did you know you can increase muscle mass just by getting a good night's sleep? That's Fit has four more ways to build growth hormone (and muscles) naturally.

Still storing your vitamins or supplements in the bathroom medicine cabinet? Time to find a new place to keep them -- just make sure it's not in the kitchen.

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