The platform for professionals just had its biggest desktop makeover, including messaging similar to Facebook Messenger, the company revealed Thursday.

The social media site said it’s “delivering a simplified LinkedIn experience that's more intuitive, faster and creates more value for our members.” LinkedIn’s new desktop design will launch worldwide over the coming weeks.

The new design now features seven core areas, home, which is your feed, messaging, jobs, notifications, me, my network and search.

Here are six major changes coming to LinkedIn’s new desktop:


LinkedIn’s previous version let users message others in an email-type way, but that has now changed. LinkedIn is rolling out a messaging service that is similar to Facebook’s real-time desktop message service. You can message others no matter what page, featuring an expanding message window on the lower right side, along with your contacts list next to it. There is also a message button next to a person’s name when navigation through pages, which makes it easier to jump into a conversation.

LinkedIn msg_overlay LinkedIn changes its messaging feature. Photo: LinkedIn

Cleaner Design

The new look is much cleaner and sleeker than the previous version. The site is simpler and does away with all the clutter it had before.

LinkedIn new design. LinkedIn new design. Photo: LinkedIn

More Relevant Feed

LinkedIn will combine algorithms and human editors to make your feed content more relevant based on people and publishers you’re most interested about.

Search Features

The social platform is also rolling out new search features. The site will have one universal search box, in which users can look for people, jobs, companies, and organizations. You can also be more specific with searches by using filter options.

LinkedIn's new design. LinkedIn's new design. Photo: LinkedIn

Who’s Looking at Your Profile

One of the main features that differentiates LinkedIn from other platforms is the ability to see who is looking at your profile, which will expand with the new design. You will now be able to see who is reading and engaging with your posts, including the company, job title and location of those interested in your updates.

Suggestions To Make Your Profile Better

LinkedIn isn’t forgetting its core service with its new update. The site will now offer suggestions to make your profile stand out based on what recruiters are searching for. LinkedIn will suggest what skills you should add, as well a summary created by LinkedIn based on your experience.