A Jeremy Lin-themed documentary is being shopped around Hollywood by CAA, a major agency in the world of movies and athletes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The film will reportedly contain both Lin's unlikely run in the NBA as well at his humble background.

Lin shone at Harvard after not receiving a single Division-1 scholarship, and then bounced around as a pro, having gone through two different teams, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, before ending up on the Knicks. The movie will also include elements of Lin's Christian faith, which he is known for, but certainly not outspoken about.

The documentary is said to be directed by Evan Leong, a friend of Lin's and an accomplished filmmaker himself. His most recent effort was a documentary about Christianity in Asia called 1040. He was also an assistant director on The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

The film is being produced by 408 Films and Endgame Entertainment and could be part of a series of documentaries they are working on for HBO. Lin and Leong have collaborated before, and Leong was the technical know-how behind many of Lin's movies on his YouTube page, including the very popular day in the life, series he did while playing for Golden State.

408 Films and Endgame were behind Sundance and BAFTA winner and Oscar Nominee, An Education, as well as the documentary Every Little Step, about dancers auditioning for the revival of A Chorus Line, on Broadway.

There is no timeline for this film, but the director already has plenty of footage of Lin from their time together and it is thought that the project could come together very quickly if a studio bites.