Lisa Rinna is 48-years-old and smoking hot, so it only makes sense that companies would want the Days of our Lives actress to sell their product. Rinna is now the new face of Depend adult diapers.

The actress can be found in a new commercial for the product where she enlightens viewers on why she chooses to wear the new Depend Silhouette for women. In a tight black evening gown, Rinna turns around for the camera to focus on her back side. I did it because I am a champion for positive self for women, said Rinna. What I love about the new silhouette is it makes a woman feel confident, and it's fashionable.

Rinna isn't only trying to make woman feel confident about themselves, the actress is also doing it for charity. I'm doing it for Dress For Success which is an amazing charity that helps women get their confidence back so that they can go back into the workplace and get their lives back together, says Rinna in the commercial. The charity does this by providing not only professional clothing for women, but career guidance as well. According to the Huffington Post, Depend donated $225,000 to the Dress For Success charity.

According to Rinna, these are not our grandmother's diapers! Rinna told the HuffingtonPost that while the whole concept of adult diapers might provide giggles to the young'ens, it's no laughing matter. With 56 million people suffering from incontinence, Rinna wants to promote the chance to live confidently.

The Depend commercial kicks off the company's Great American Try On campaign. Kimberly-Clark manufacturer is giving away free samples on its website of their bulk-less underwear, Real Fit for Men and Silhouette for Women.

In the words of Lisa Rinna, bye-bye gray-haired grandma!