A man who died last year of lung disease while inhaling toxic debris when the World Trade Center collapsed has been added to the list of victims killed in the Sept. 11 attacks, the New York City Chief Medical Examiner's office said on Friday.

After tests, medical examiners found that Jerry J. Borg, 63, died Dec 15 of complications of pulmonary sarcoidosis, caused by getting caught in the dust cloud on 9/11 and working in an office just a few blocks away from Ground Zero. Borg's death was ruled a homicide bringing the total number of victims who died at the trade center in 2001 to 2,753.

Borg becomes only the third person added to the list who did not die in 2001.  Families of people who were near the site and later died have asked the medical examiner to review their cases.

The most recent until now was Leon Heyward, 45, a city employee who stayed behind in his office to help his colleagues exit and died of sarcoidosis complicated by lymphoma, the first Felicia Dunn-Jones, a civil rights attorney who in an effort to escape her office ran through a dust cloud, died in early 2002 of sarcoidosis,

Michael Frazier, a spokesman for the National September 11th Memorial & Museum said Borg's name would be added to the reflecting pool in time for the 10 anniversary of the attacks in September.