Lithium Corp., an exploration business based in Nevada devoted to discoveries of new, cleaner energy related resources, recently announced that the company has recently acquired an additional lithium brine prospect in north/central Nevada. The project was acquired through staking a 1280-acre parcel that covers an embayment of the Humboldt River Valley.

Results from an exploratory sediment sampling, conducted in July/August 2009, showed samples in the south-central playa returning values consistent with the average 395 parts per million of lithium. The strong lithium values obtained indicate that this area may be quite prospective for brine hosted mineralization at depth.

Lithium Corporation will continue to generate, evaluate and acquire other lithium properties in Nevada and throughout the United States. In addition, the company plans further sampling programs, and more study during the summer of 2010. For further information please contact Samantha White at (888) 299-3989 or via email at