Lithuania recorded a current account surplus of LTL70.71 million in February, the first in five years, the Bank of Lithuania said Tuesday. In January, the country posted a current account deficit of LTL104.29 million.

In February, the services account surplus increased to LTL31.83 million from LTL11.49 million in January. The current transfers account recorded a surplus of LTL297.64 million, in contrast to a deficit of LTL22.17 million in the preceding month. The surplus in the income account increased slightly to LTL189.99 million from LTL189.81 million in the preceding month.

On the other hand, the goods account showed a deficit of LTL130.96 million, reversing the surplus of LTL64.47 million in the previous month.

Meanwhile, the capital and financial account showed a surplus of LTL260.14 million compared to a deficit of LTL158.55 million in the preceding month.

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