“Little Women: LA” star Briana Renee has been posting pictures to Instagram about how much she is enjoying her newborn son, Maverick Jax, to Instagram, but she isn’t sharing him with everyone. Her husband, Matt Ericson, is “isolating” the child from his maternal family, Briana’s estranged father, Robert Kealiher, told Radar Online in an exclusive report Wednesday.

Even though Maverick was born in June, Kealiher has not yet met his grandson. “I haven’t heard from her,” Kealiher told Radar Online about Briana. “I haven’t talked to her. She hasn’t called. It’s the same thing. We respect what they do and we keep our distance.”

The only way for Kealiher to see his grandson is to check out Instagram. Briana posted a photo of Maverick last week. “'Sonday' morning snuggles are priceless _ couldn't be more in love w/ my Mavi,” she wrote. The post was liked nearly 13,000 times by her 216,000 followers.


Kealiher puts most of the blame on Matt, who has been accused of cheating on Briana multiple times with various women. “He found someone naïve and gullible who he can control,” Kealiher said about his son-in-law. “He is a bad person.”

But Matt isn’t alone in the blame. Kealiher also holds his daughter accountable. “She made the choices,” he said about Briana. “She’s an adult.”

Even though Briana is withholding Maverick from her family, she still lets them visit with her oldest daughter Leiana, who she had during a previous relationship. “She’s doing great,” he said of his granddaughter. “We don’t say anything to Leiana about Matt or his behavior. She’ll see it in the end.”

Kealiher tries to keep his granddaughter “on a straight path” by doing “educational stuff with her,” he said. When Leiana is at home with Briana and Matt, all she does is play video games, Kealiher added.

Briana isn’t the only “Little Women: LA” star with drama. Christy McGinty shut down rumors she was addicted to prescription pills after Terra Jole and Briana accused her of relapsing with drugs and alcohol.

“They know what buttons to push,” Christy told Radar Online in separate interview Sept. 1. “They know making false accusations would get me riled up, because I’m so excited and happy about my sobriety.”

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