Terra Jole and Christy McGinity still have a very strained relationship, and aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about their bar fight. Terra and Christy, who both star on Lifetime’s “Little Women: LA,” had a huge falling out last season after Terra chucked a drink at Christy, hitting her in the head.

Christy was briefly hospitalized over the altercation and said she suffered a contusion because of the glass hitting her. Terra immediately called B.S. saying that her co-star was lying about her injury. During a live interview with KTLA Morning News Wednesday, Terra and Christy discussed their ongoing drama and things got really intense very fast.

When asked how things stood between them, neither Terra nor Christy uttered a word. “That’s exactly where things stand,” Terra eventually said, referring to the awkward silence between them. After that the interview just got even more painful to watch.

When the ladies were asked about the charges Christy filed, Christy quickly explained that she dropped them. However, Terra pointed out that it was the D.A. who dropped the charges. “If you file a police report with a felony assault it’s impossible for someone to drop it,” she said. The conversation then switched gears to whether Christy actually suffered a head contusion or not.

“This whole situation really affected our livelihood because when we were affected with the police report, yes I was not innocent in this whole situation, but I didn’t deserve to be accused of assault with a deadly weapon and so when that did happen, it became very real,” Terra said. Her BFF and cast mate Tonya Banks chimed in saying she doesn’t believe Christy was injured during the fight. “No one’s ever seen the police report. Nobody’s ever seen her proof. It never happened,” Terra told the interviewer, as Tonya pointed out that Christy supposedly suffered two contusions from a past abusive relationship and that’s probably what showed up on her test results.

As the ladies continued to squabble, KTLA’s interviewer cut in to pass it back to the news desk.

Ahead of the Season 5 premiere of “Little Women: LA,” which aired July 13, Terra and her husband Joe Gnoffo slammed Christy in an Instagram video to promote the show.

“Hey y’all we have six more days until the ‘Little Women: LA’ premiere Season 5 and I just had a few questions for my husband. Who do you think is gonna cry first” she asked as she turned the camera towards her husband. “Crusty,” he uttered as a scene from last season showed Christy wearing a mud mask crying to her husband. “Or Todd when he wakes up next to Crusty,” Joe added.

In a sneak peek of the rest of the season, it’s clear Terra and Christy have not made amends. The clip, posted by People magazine, shows the two arguing while hanging out with Tonya.