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The latest chapter of a grudge-match, which began many generations back, will be written on Sunday when Manchester United travel to Anfield to face their old-foe Liverpool.


The match is a must-win for both teams, simply due to the heavy rivalry that has built-up over the years. Ask any long-standing supporter of either club who they would rather see relegated, and you'll have your answer.

This time, the match has assumed further importance. Liverpool have an opportunity to derail their rival's attempt to win a 19th league title. If United do win the title this year, it would see Liverpool's own record of 18 league titles broken.

United are under pressure after a 2-1 loss at Chelsea saw them lead the table by just four points. Though second placed Arsenal's tie against Sunderland on Saturday cut the gap to three, the Gunners lost an incredible opportunity to close it further. Especially since, United have been shaky away from home all season, and have dropped 22 points on the road so far.

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