L&L International Holdings Inc. is headquartered in the United States, but is in the coal business in China. The company is currently operating two profitable coal mines, two clean coal washing facilities, and a wholesale network in the coal-rich Yunnan province in China.

The company is attempting to take advantage of a strong coal market in China. Coal prices have risen sharply in China this year as the government has cracked down on illegal and polluting mines, closing many of them. The closure of these mines has led to decreased supplies of coal and increasing prices for the remaining producers.

The company announced today that it has submitted a new subsidiary application to the GuangZhou City (located about 75 miles north of Hong Kong) government, to expand their operations into this capital of the wealthy Guandong province. The new subsidiary was provisionally named Shining Star Co. Ltd.

L&L International will have controlling interest in this new subsidiary. The new subsidiary will enable L&L International to gain access to an integrated transportation network including freight shipping to increase the company’s exposure to coal buyers in Guangdong province.

Chairman of L&L International, Dickson Lee, stated, “We are excited to expand our operation from one province into multiple provinces in China. The partnership with well-respected business partners in the prosperous Guangdong province will increase our sales, customer bases and efficiencies in the next few months.”