L&L International Holdings, Inc. announced this morning that it has completed a coal washing factory with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons at its DaPuAn Coal Mine in Yunnan Province, China. At full capacity and using $100 per ton as an average washed coal price, the new facility potentially adds approximately $30 million in annual revenue to the company’s top line.

The new 300,000 ton coal washing facility will add to L&L International’s existing coal mining and coal consolidating operations in Yunnan Province, a coal-rich region of China, as the company strives to implement green technologies to its business.

“Washing coal removes unwanted minerals and purifies coal before it is burned,” Dickson Lee, CEO of L&L, stated. “We are working closely with Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan (CYCU) for research and implementation of new energy technologies, adding green elements to L&L operations.”