width=231Locust swarms that are sweeping the northern part of Victoria are viewed by entrepreneurs as an advantage, with one Mildura café offering a different kind of pizza to their patrons: A locust pizza.

Authorities admitted that the swarms are one of the biggest in northern Victoria for the past 30 years.

The idea for a locust pizza came from Mayor Glenn Milne, who rounded up the insects and trapped them all in a garbage bag.

In the Mallee, insects are plastered in front of the vehicles which are forced to drive through locust clouds.

Jeff Becker, a Mildura car was operator, said that his business has gained 4 times as motorists go to them to keep their windscreens clean.

The bugs don't care, they just get on your car, he said. It doesn't matter who you are or what you drive.

These swarms are also not good news for farmers because locusts are feasting on their early-sown crops.

Pests are also causing problems for land bowlers, golfers and footballers who have to play on through clouds of locusts that are attacking any grassed playing surface.