Infamous actress Lindsay Lohan and “Anger Management” star Charlie Sheen are going back to bed.

The 26-year-old actress is slated to appear alongside Sheen in an upcoming episode of FX’s hit comedy “Anger Management.” In the episode, Lohan will play a fictionalized version of herself as a patient who develops feelings for Sheen’s therapist character. According to E! Online, the highly anticipated guest appearance will feature the two troubled actors as bedmates.

While Lohan’s acting career has been universally panned in recent years, sources told the New York Daily News that the former “Mean Girls” star has been nothing short of impressive on the “Anger Management” set.

"She looked surprisingly good and was upbeat and professional," a source told the Daily News. The source added that the notoriously tardy actress managed to show up to the set an hour early, impressing series staffers in the process. While Lohan only has a few lines of dialogue, she is expected to be filming for two days, the Daily News reports.

According to E! Online, Lohan’s guest appearance will also make extensive use of the starlet’s personal troubles. In the episode, she will allegedly shoot a commercial for a whiskey-infused gum, as well as make fun at her frequent parole hearings.

This isn’t the first time that Lohan and the former “Two and a Half Men” star have shared a bed. The tabloid titans recently filmed scenes for “Scary Movie 5” together, in which they lie in bed while suffering from “Paranormal Activity”-style hauntings, E! Online reports. Sheen has also attempted to guide Lohan through her many legal troubles, even offering to pay $100,000 worth of her overdue taxes.

The “Anger Management” episode, currently titled “Charlie & Lindsay,” is scheduled to debut in April.