It’s time for “League of Legends” weekly sale. Between August 11 and 14 the below champions and skins are available for 50 percent off.

Check out the champions' spotlights and pictures of the skins below and tell us in the comments which champion and skin you would like to see discounted next.


Rengar: 487 RP

Leona: 440 RP

Heimerdinger: 395 RP


Special Forces Gangplank: 487 RP

LoL Gangplank The Special Forces Gangplank skin from "League of Legends" is on sale this week. Photo: Riot Games

Rocket Girl Tristana: 487 RP

LoL Tristana The Rocket Girl Tristana skin is now available for 50 percent off in "League of Legends." Photo: Riot Games

Renegade Talon: 260 RP

LoL Talon "League of Legends" is having its weekly sale, Renegade Talon is now available for 50 percent off. Photo: Riot Games

If that's not enough LoL news for you for one week, check out DJ Arty talking about why he loves "League of Legends," and what his favorite champions are.