London police have charged more than 1,000 suspects in the riots which ravaged the capital city for days. Scotland Yard called the arrests a "significant milestone."

Metropolitan police acting commissioner Tim Godwin said a total of 1,005 suspects had been charged after 1,733 arrests so far, according to The Guardian. Godwin said last weekend police were aiming for 3,000 arrests said the investigation is "far from over."

Tabbed "Operation Withern," the force is actively investigating the violence and looting which plagued the city for days last week. More than 500 Scotland Yard police officers have been assigned to the operation investigation.

Officers have gathered 20,000 hours of video footage, and forensic officers have made more than 300 submissions to labs from more than 1,100 crime scenes, Godwin said.

Rioters and looters organized through social media, including BlackBerry Messenger, to reek havoc in portions of the city, looting stores and causing widespread damage and destruction. Police have been determined to study video footage and track down leads through forensic evidence and other means to arrest many perpetrators in the effort to stop a repeat performance in the future.

"Officers from across the Met are carrying out great police work, day and night, to gather the kind of evidence which has led to these charges," said Godwin, in a statement. "The response from the public in coming forward with information has been fantastic. I want to thank all communities for their help over the last 10 days and ask for their continued support.

"If you know anyone involved in the disorder tell us -- don't let them get away with it."

London Mayor Boris Johnson also issued a statement on progress police are making with arrests.

"To have already charged 1,000 people is a testament not only to their dedication, but also to the outstanding support they have had from law-abiding Londoners who will not tolerate this behavior in their communities," he said. "We have shone a torch on London's criminal fraternity, and this milestone sends out the clear message that offenders will be made to pay for their appalling actions."