Ever since the first commercial vineyard on Long Island began growing grapes in 1973, the area has blossomed into one of the most reputable wine regions in the entire world.

With the majority of its vineyards located on the East End of Long Island, you can find some of the better wineries on LI's North Fork. Its climate, along with its soil characteristics and geography, provide the ideal conditions for producing wines of a most unique quality.

Boasting around 60 vineyards that range from two-and-a-half planted acres to over 500 acres, many acclaimed food and wine magazines hail the North Fork of Long Island as one of the most exciting wine producing regions in the world.

In 2006, the region received very favorable reviews in The Wine Spectator, The New York Times and, for the first time, in a comprehensive report in Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, rating the region from Very Good (85-89) to Outstanding (90-95). 

Television personality and food writer David Rosengarten said, the enchanted East End of Long Island has become one of the world's great vineyard regions.

And with most New York restaurants and wine shops serving up at least one North Fork-produced vino, it'd be hard to deny yourself a taste of the East End.

An extended tour of Vineyards such as Duck Walk North, Vineyard 48, or Martha Clara Vineyards will allow you to sample or purchase a variety of different wines directly from the people who make them.

Paired up with the beautiful scenery, great food and impressive hotels that surround the area, Long Island's North Fork is certainly one of the premiere locations when it comes to experiencing some of the best wine that New York has to offer.

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