With two new sets of human remains found on Monday around the Jones Beach area, close proximity of the recovery site along southern Long Island has raised speculation that the un-nicknamed yet well-known serial killer's victim count has reached a possible 10.

The new sets of human remains found, including a skull and upper and lower extremities, follows the recovery of three decomposing bodies were found further up the road on Ocean Parkway exactly a week ago.

Search for more bodies on the Nassau side of Ocean Parkway was suspended Tuesday due to rainy and foggy weather near the ocean, reported Long Island Press in its latest update on the Long Island serial killer. Police are still awaiting forensic tests on the last six victims to determine their sex and identities. Reports speculate that among the second group of four unidentified victims were a child and a mother.

With no clues on the serial killer's possible identity surfacing, the murderer remains largely un-nicknamed in the main stream media besides a few titles. Speculation if the killer is an ex-cop also exists.

Meanwhile, even as the details on victims are also bleary besides the fact that all of them were prostitutes, the serial killer has come to be dubbed the Long Island 'Jack the Ripper' based on the famous 'Jack the Ripper' murders in London in the 1800s. Another title that has caught on is 'Long Island's Craigslist Killer' based on the fact that all his victims used Craig's List and other sites to arrange meetings with clients.

Besides the victimology-driven titles being given to the obscure killer, the bone-chilling case of serial murdersorginally began with the search for a 24-year-old New Jersey woman, identified as Shannan Maria Gilbert. Shannan, who went missing last May, led the police to discover the other bodies.

Without the search for Gilbert, police would not have discovered the four decomposing bodies in Oak Beach, Long Island last December, nor the four more discovered over the weekend about a half-mile away, leading authorities to believe that a serial killer is on the loose on the South Shore, observed an article on The Stir, titled 'Is Long Island Serial Killer Victim Helping Cops Beyond the Grave?'

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