There are no links so far between recently found human remains in a miles-long stretch of beaches east of New York City, but their close proximity along southern Long Island has raised speculation that a serial killer may be responsible.

Two new sets of human remains were found on Monday around the Jones Beach area. They included a skull and upper and lower extremities, the New York Times reported.

Last Monday, three decomposing bodies were found further up the road on Ocean Parkway.

At that time, a police official was not ready to make any pronouncements about ties.

Until they are identified we cannot link the discoveries, Dominick Varrone, Suffolk County lead investigator told Agence France Presse.

The recent finds came after the bodies of four women in their 20s were found in the Gilgo Beach area last December.

They were all prostitutes who had been contacted on online listings site Craigslist or had used the service to contact others. In addition the four women were found in burlap sacks.

The similarity in those four cases led investigators to believe a serial killer was involved.

Searches began last year in the area after a 24-year-old prostitute from nearby New Jersey, Shannan Gilbert went missing. She has not been found.