Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. closed at $2.13 today, down about 10% from yesterday’s close. But that probably doesn’t worry shareholders who bought the stock when it was first mentioned in the FREE Daily QualityStocks Newsletter on April 6, 2009. At that time, the stock traded for about $0.32 a share. Even with today’s action contented shareholders are sitting on a tidy gain of 565%!

Longwei Petroleum transports, markets and sells finished petroleum products in China. The company earns profits by selling its products at competitive prices to large-scale gasoline stations, coal plants, other power supply customers and small, independent gasoline stations. Longwei’s primary facilities are located in Shanxi Province – Taiyuan City and Gujiao. The company’s storage tanks have the largest capacity of any non-government operated entity in Shanxi Province.

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