The 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost is set to premiere in Frankfurt after three years of secretive development.  The Ghost will serve as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' smaller offering, placed below the revered Phantom.

The press has chosen to nickname the Ghost as the Baby Rolls, but the car's sheer dimensions care to argue.  Length is 17.7 ft. and width is 6.4; of that length, 10.8 ft. make up the wheelbase.  The curb weight of the car is still up there at 5,450 lbs.  Even with that monumental weight, the Ghost is able to reach 60 mph in just 4.7 sec.  That is thanks to a 6.6 L twin-turbo V-12 engine.  The twelve puts out a maximum of 563 hp; more impressive is the max torque figure of 575 ft.-lbs.  Peak torque is given to the driver at just 1,500 rpm.  All that power is handled smoothly with an 8-spd. ZF automatic transmission.

Under the sheetmetal is a steel monocoque body.  That body is lined with an extensive network of computers that handle the air suspension, anti-roll support, stability control, and traction boost.  Hidden cameras are also part of the tech package to provide the driver with all-around visibility.  A night-vision camera is hidden behind the grill to warn the driver of unseen obstructions.

The interior is what you expect from Rolls-Royce: perfection.  Hand-stitched leathers, chrome accents, and wood furnishings put even the most respectable Cadillac to shame.  A 600 wt., sixteen-speaker audio system is linked to a 12.5 GB music storage drive, offering the perfect sound experience.  Rear passengers have the added luxury of two adjustable 9.2 in. LCD monitors mounted behind the front seats.  Better yet for Ghost passengers is the fact that the car's interior space is close to that of the larger Phantom.  Let's not forget the bonus Teflon umbrellas inside the coach (suicide) doors.

The Ghost design isn't a radical departure from the Rolls norm, but it is different enough to move it forward.  It's attractive, modern, and the look does justice to the wild specs.  There are plenty more hi-res images you can find at our Facebook and MySpace pages.

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