The Internet is perpetually in a state of flux. It is a form of media that is constantly changing and advancing, which can often make it difficult for Internet marketing companies to predict the future and find new methods to achieve prolonged success. However, a recent report by Google may provide a glimpse of things to come. The report indicates that the mobile Internet market is not only larger than ever, but those users are spending more time surfing, searching and shopping with their mobile devices than ever before, too.

According to Google, not only will more than one billion people connect to the Web via mobile devices in 2012, but those devices will also act as their primary access point. This data was compiled by Google's Jason Spero, the company's head of mobile sales. While at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Mr. Spero discussed the results of the report, announcing that an international survey conducted by Google showed growth in the mobile market. This growth gives online marketers incentive to target mobile users and platforms. The survey results have also given some insight into how mobile users are spending their time online. Of the countries surveyed - the US, UK, France, Japan, Spain and Germany; more than 90% of users are shown to be utilizing search engines. For SEOs, this is a very important statistic to recognize as it could potentially lead to even more business for optimizers.

Mobile shopping is also an increasing trend, which should motivate businesses with online storefronts to enhance their mobile presence and visibility in order to capitalize on the massive revenues that are being generated in the mobile marketplace. The survey results indicate success in geo-targeting, as well. Many users search for local businesses, products or services from their mobile devices, which further solidifies the value of geo-targeted SEO campaigns.

Google's survey has given Internet marketers a good idea of what to expect from Web users and mobile technology moving forward. The results are very important for SEOs and the entire online marketing industry to understand as they irrefutably prove that the mobile marketplace is not only here to stay, but helping in the overall global expansion of the Internet.