CURRENCIES: 06/19/09 Higher closes yesterday for the dollar index and Aussie dollar while lower for the Japanese Yen, Euro Fx, Swiss franc, Canadian dollarand British pound. The euro should continue lower now forming an even larger possible top while the franc and Aussie dollar are in bull triangles looking higher with the latter needing to stay above 7800 basis the September contract. The yen and Canadian dollar settled lower with the former showing some bottoming signs but both in downtrends overall.The pound alsosettled lower butlooking the most bullish of the all the currencies. The dollar also closedhigherand looking like it's in bear triangle. However, a close over 8200 would give me a buy signal. My signals keep me bullish on the Swiss franc, Aussie Dollar and Pound; Bearish signals on the Yen, Canadian dollar and Euro. Feel free to contact me for details.

FINANCIALS: 06/19/09 Lower to sharply lower settlements on Thursday for theeurodollar,bonds and notes. The eurodollar, after today's action, is now forming a potential top, while the bonds are forming a potential bottom and the notes just look lower overall. The bonds are still in a downtrend overall and the eurodollar is in an uptrend long term. I hold Sell Signals for Bonds and Notes.