ENERGIES: 06/22/09 Lower to sharply lower closes for last Friday crude and heating oil along with the rbob and natural gas.. All of the energies continue to look higher overall with natural gas trying to catch up and give a buy signal but were hurt by today's actions. Next weekcould tell the story if the runup is over for now.O maintain Buy Signals for Crude, rbob and Heating Oil. Feel free to call or email for details.

METALS: 06/22/09 Slightly higher closes forgold and platinum while slightly lower for copper and silver.Copper is still in an uptrend but forming a possible top at this time. The 22500 area(July)continues to beimportant to hold in my opinion. Gold settledhigher while stillin abear flag and should continue lower overall. Silver settled slightlylower againstill needing to hold the all important 14000 area(July) or else my buy signal will reverse into a bear one because it's also forming a possible large top. Platinum settledslightly lowernow in a bearpennant starting to look toppy but still in a long term bull market at this time. I'M holding Buy Signals Copper and Silver (but a Sell Signal on Gold).

LUMBER: Lumber made its highest close since December 22 basis the July contract continuing to look very strong. There is very little resistance overhead. I'm bullish. Call or email for details.