Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the epitome of cuteness. The 500 Days of Summer star has been stealing women's hearts ever since he rose to fame on the hit show 3rd Rock From the Sun. After starring in several films as the lovable dork who wears his heart on his sleeve, Levitt has become a full-fledged action star with roles in the philosophical head-scratcher, Inception, and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. His latest film Looper has him going toe-to-toe with Bruce Willis! The film chronicles a young man's journey into the future where he must take his own life. Willis plays an older version of Levitt in the artfully directed thrill ride. The film's initial teaser was released today while the full trailer will debut later in the week.

Over the years, Levitt has proved he's an immensely capable actor. He wowed in off-beat films, such as Brick, and proved himself to be an engaging comedic actor in 50/50. It's rare that someone with versatile performances and a knack for choosing creative projects becomes an action star but Levitt's journey into the genre is a welcome one. Why not feature an actor with depth in summer blockbusters or popcorn friendly flicks? After all, is there anything more adorable than Levitt? The answer is...not really but we've thought about it extensively and here are a few things that may be cuter.