A divorce fiasco that has spanned for nearly two years has left Los Angeles-based Dodgers in pieces as the divorce suite may cost up to a record $35 million.

The baseball power couple, Frank and Jamie McCourt, in October, 2009 announced that they would be ending their 30-year relationship and later Frank fired his wife Jamie, the team CEO.

The couple’s split could now be the costliest in California history as they continue to fight over the team’s ownership.

The total legal fees could hike up to $35 million which is more than what the team pays any of its star players. The Dodger’s previously filed for bankruptcy on June 27 and MLB (Major League Baseball) took over the authority of the club’s everyday operations.

“Frank's remarkable ability to waste money through frivolous legal actions mirrors his devastating decisions that have led to the Dodgers' bankruptcy,” said Michael Kump, an attorney for Jamie McCourt.

In December, a judge ruled that a post-nuptial marital contract that made Frank McCourt the sole owner of the Dodgers was invalid.
The attorneys for Jamie McCourt, on Thursday, charged Frank of having more than $70 million at his disposal and that he's using a part of his money to finance a brawl with MLB.

The Dodgers have also blamed a cash-flow crisis because of MLB's refusal to pass the TV deal that Frank McCourt was counting on to keep the team alive.

Frank McCourt, however, has argued that payments should be in accordance with the $5 million which he receives every year and his soon-to-be-ex-wife should sell some of the houses to support herself.

A hearing has been set for August 10, according to a Los Angeles Times report.