The Los Angeles Lakers are in need of a point guard.

Ramon Sessions filled the duties admirably after being dealt to Los Angeles part way through the season, but he has now opted out of his contract and may not return to Los Angeles.

Lakers executive Jim Buss said earlier this week that his organization wanted to bring Sessions back, and then planned no other major moves.

But any seasoned Laker watcher knows that personnel decisions in Los Angeles are made via an alchemical process of discussion between the Buss family, GM Mitch Kupchak and mega-star Kobe Bryant.

Deron Williams has a player option with the Brooklyn Nets and it has been suggested that he may attempt to opt out of that deal to join the Lakers.

Given that Williams will be opting out of a $17.8 million dollar payday from the Nets for the 2013 season he definitely won't be taking a pay cut to make a move. As the Lakers don't have anywhere near that money remaining under the cap or otherwise, don't expect Williams to go west.

Williams himself told ESPN on Saturday that he had narrowed his list all the way down to remaining in Brooklyn or going to Dallas. There were reports that the Lakers attempted to interest the Nets in a sign and trade deal involving Williams and Pau Gasol, but that never materialized.

If the Lakers do get the deal that they want, their back court will look different, and a whole lot cheaper.

Obviously Bryant will return, and the Lakers will probably be able to resign Sessions. The guard, who arrived via trade in mid-season, opted out of his deal because he felt like he could get more money in a longer term deal.

Session will probably command three to four years at $6 to $8 million per year, which won't leave much room for a third guard to help share the load.

The Lakers will be left to pick among some of the cheaper journeyman type players who will be available. They could attempt to reach out to Chauncey Billups who may have the best credentials among the available free agents.

Billups is a free agent after an ACL tear cost him most of his season. Depending on his recovery, he might be an attractive option.

Los Angeles could also look to an old nemesis like Leandro Barbosa. He was a thorn in the sides of the Lakers for most of the 2000s when he was the sixth man for the Phoenix Suns. He certainly isn't as talented as Williams, but with his speed he could become a great change of pace in the backcourt for the Lakers.