Jesse James, known for his endless love affairs with different sexy tattooed ladies, has just realized that the long-distance romance has resulted in a breakup with Kat Von D to crumble but at least he's got something to cheer about - he gets the custody of his 7-year old daughter Sunny.

The love life of Jesse, the former husband of Sandra Bullock, may be faltering but he has something to be pleased about - he recently was awarded custody of daughter Sunny, ending a bitter tug-of-war with ex-wife Janine Lindermulder.

One of the show hosts of “Good Day LA”, Jeff Michael, mentioned Von D's breakup with Jesse after they aired a preview of TLC show LA Ink. Von D heard that and she walked away and left people stranded midway in the studio. Crews were still unable to understand Von D's reaction because the news of her split with Jesse was already up on Twitter earlier this week.

Jillian, another show host, thought it seemed hypocritical that Von D had put her life on a reality show but was not willing to talk about her split with Jesse.

"I think it was unprofessional on her [Kat's] part. I don’t know what she expected," a show producer told RadarOnline.

"In the middle of the clip airing someone told me there was a problem and within 20 seconds Kat was out the door. She just walked out. She was literally gone in 20 seconds," the producer added.

After Jesse broke up with Sandra Bullock last year, he began dating Von and they were supposed to get married this year.

Von D, a talented and makeup tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, had also called Jesse her "Soul mate."