width=200Combining financial incentives and weight loss isn't a brand-new concept. CEOs and insurance providers have been providing perks to employees who make healthy lifestyle choices for years.

And, who hasn't made a side bet with a friend to motivate themselves towards fitness?

These concepts are based on the idea that saving money (or in the case of wagering, the risk of losing money) spurs people on toward their healthy goals. Even StickK.com, a revolutionary website at the time of it's creation, let people put their own money on the line, money that's given to their least favorite charity if they fail.

But, what if someone paid you to lose weight?

That someone just opened up their wallet. Healthy Wage is a new website that's challenging dieters to put their money where their mouth is -- figuratively, anyway.

Anyone with a BMI over 30 qualifies for their BMI challenge. Get that number down below 25 in 2010, and they'll pay you $100 next January. Invest $300 to get into their Supersizers program, and they'll pay you $1,000.

Don't have that much to lose? There are other programs too, including a weekly weigh-in challenge, and a top motivators contest that encourages social networking.

This whole idea that money motivates is an interesting one. After all, is $100 really much more tantalizing than what fitness has to offer: strength, energy, and a fit new body? I don't think so. But, there's something about someone saying I'll pay you that gets people to take notice.