The yellow metal couldn't catch up with the record oil prices and as we saw a sharp decline yesterday, the metal continues to trade currently within narrow ranges. What was once believed that gold will soar back to the $1000 per ounce psychological level is now believed that over the next three months, the bullion will trade near the $850 per ounce level. Surprisingly enough, as the black metal surged into the air, the shiny metal didn't react accordingly. The weakness of the dollar earlier this week provided partial support for gold but couldn't sustain this support as prices plunged from a high of $922.30 per ounce to hit a low of $896.20 and currently trade at $903.15 - $904.15 levels. The metal isn't looking as appealing as it once did now that the dollar's performance is weighing in on commodities markets discouraging it as a hedge against inflation.

With the earnings being released in the past couple of days, the federal currency is pumping iron as it gains strength against majors taking the Euro down from its all time high of $1.6014 to $1.5830s at the hour of this report. Is it all behind them? Has the credit crisis actually reached a peak? With Wall Street gaining on the backs of the earnings released from the U.S. companies, investor's confidence is rushing back through their body pushing them to support the falling currency. However, the problem always witnessed in the markets lately is the gain of the dollar for a short period of time without having the ability to actually hold on! Is this the case now?

Again, the black gold sky rocketed to $199.90 per barrel level earlier this week but has fallen as the dollar performance also weighed on crude markets. The Bull Run in crude as it recorded a new high on almost a daily basis has been halted ladies and gentlemen. However