It's a wrap for Season 2 of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." The finale, episode 12, is full of drama as usual but ends on a positive note when one couple gets engaged.

Monday's episode kicks off with Moniece Slaughter realizing she should have never confessed her feelings to her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Fizz. As recapped in last week's show, Moniece told Fizz that she still loved him and sometimes thought about them getting back together.

On Monday's show, Moniece tells the camera during her confessional that she needs to focus on her relationship with Rich Dollaz, instead of dwelling on her past with Fizz. At one point, Fizz and Moniece talk about getting engaged, but things quickly go downhill when Nikki Mudarris tells Rich about Moniece and Fizz's conversation.

Of course, Rich is upset that his ex-girlfriend still has feelings for her ex and he confronts Moniece while she's at the studio recording a song. Rich pulls out an engagement ring and tells her that he was planning on proposing but changed his mind when he found out that Moniece was still in love with Fizz.

Moniece is upset and says she doesn't think she’ll ever forgive Nikki for butting into her relationship with Rich.

Later in the episode, Moniece confronts Nikki at Fizz's video launch. The two ladies start arguing and Moniece tries to hit Nikki but security intervenes. Nikki tosses a drink at Moniece and the singer tries to hop over a chair to get to Nikki. Again, security steps in and keeps the two women apart before a fist-fight could break out.

During the drama, Fizz starts yelling at Moniece because she ruined his video release party.

Also during the Season 2 finale, Miles Brock finally introduces his family to his boyfriend Milan Christopher. The meeting goes OK, and ends with Miles' sister telling Milan that she supports them. Milan is happy the family accepts his relationship with Miles. As previously reported, Miles and Milan had a nasty breakup after filming for the show ended.

Apryl Jones and Omarion also make a brief appearance in the finale. Apryl is still concerned that her music career and dreams are being put on hold as she supports Omarion's music career. However, the "Post To Be" singer tells her she doesn't need to worry because he has her back and hasn't forgotten about her goals. Omarion then surprises Apryl by taking her to a studio to record some music.

Last but not least are Princess Love and Ray J. These two lovebirds have had a very rough relationship, but in episode 12 the "One Wish" singer surprises Princess with a house. Princess agrees to move in with him but wants her name on the property. Ray J agrees and promises he won't do anything to mess up their romance and the show ends with Ray J proposing to Princess.

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. Be sure to check out Part 1 of the reunion special Nov. 30.