Moniece Slaughter and Mariah Lynn are still feuding. The "Love & Hip Hop" stars' beef began last week and continued throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Moniece retweeted several posts bashing the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" rapper for making a "whack" diss song about her. She also wrote to a fan, "Nobody gives a f--- about her or song but her pimp mmmkay."

According to VH1, Mariah posted two videos slamming Moniece on her Instagram page Wednesday. At one point, Mariah rapped: "It's yo name, but you don't slaughter. Get the f--- out if here...  Ugly b---- get the f--- out of here."

Wetpaint reported the feud between Mariah and Moniece started shortly after the Season 6 premiere of "Love & Hip Hop" New York," when it was revealed that Mariah used to date Rich Dollaz. Moniece and Rich had a messy breakup in October.

According to the outlet, Moniece ranted on Twitter at the time about Mariah, telling a fan the rapper was nothing but a "talentless w----."

Mariah responded by tweeting that she dated Rich long before he got together with Moniece.

"Ima w---- says the h-- thirsty as hell for a ring on her finger but can't control her emotions Hello GOODBYE," she wrote. "& go be a mother u beat confused a-- h--."

The pair's feud spilled over on Instagram, where one of Mariah's videos bashed Moniece for being an unfit mother.

"This b---- don't even know me yet she calims she woould kick me in my throat, I guess i'll be taking a trip to La sooner than I thought @moniece slaughter my 17 year sister is more of a mother than u could ever be," she wrote in the caption. "Why don't u stop worrying about my talents ... & go be a parent to that beautiful boy ur baby father always has! It's not my fault ur mother didn't love u h--."