Interesting things happen when the Season 6 cast of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” are forced to say nice things about each other. Some struggle with the assignment, others flat out refuse to participate and a few manage to scrounge up something (kind of) positive to say.

Ahead of the reunion special, which airs part one on March 21, VH1 producers challenge the cast in a behind-the-scenes video to say one kind thing about someone they feuded with throughout the season.

In the video, Tara Wallace is adamant she’s never said anything mean about Amina Buddafly, but opts out of saying anything positive about Peter Gunz’s wife. Amina, who doesn’t look pleased with the question, tells the camera: “I’m sure there are a lot of nice things about Tara, but I don’t have anything nice to say at this moment.”

As previously reported, Amina and Tara have been at odds over their complicated situation with Peter. Amina, who’s married to Peter and rumored to be pregnant with their second child, was none too pleased when Tara announced she was having Peter’s baby. Tara has since given birth to a baby boy named Gunner.

Moving on, BBOD members Sexxy Lexxy and Moe Money also have difficulty saying positive things about their rival MariahLynn. The New Jersey rapper feuded with Moe after finding out they were both dating Cisco Rosado and she also had issues with Lexxy at Rah Ali’s fashion’s show.

“What can I say about MariahLynn that’s positive?” Lexxy asks, looking puzzled. Eventually, she tells the camera that it was “nice” the rapper bailed her pregnant mother out of jail. Moe, however, says she’s “never heard” of MariahLynn.

When Cisco is asked to say something nice about MariahLynn, he praises her skills as a rapper. The producer also has kind words for his other ex, telling the camera that Moe is “a good person.”

As far as nice comments go, Cisco is the only cast member to say anything that couldn’t be taken as a diss. Moe simply wishes her cast mate Young B “good luck,” while Young B tells the camera that Moe’s makeup artist does a good job at “trying” to make her face look better.

Cardi B and Remy Ma also participate in VH1’s game, but it seems both struggle to come up with something nice. In the video, Remy just rolls her eyes and doesn’t say anything while Cardi says her nemesis Yorma Hernandez has “long hair,” before making a face at the camera.

It’s believed the Season 6 reunion will tackle a lot of the drama that played out on the series, including Tara’s relationship with Peter, Rah’s feud with Yandy Smith and MariahLynn’s fight with Moe and Lexxy. Starcasm also reported that both Remy and Amina are said to announce their pregnancies during the reunion.