Mendeecees Harris is eager to make sure his family stays together once he starts his eight year prison sentence. On episode 11 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” the show follows Mendeecees as he tries to prepare his family for his absence.

During Monday’s episode, Mendeecees and his wife Yandy Smith learn that he was sentenced to prison for a crime he committed years ago. Following his sentencing, Mendeecees tells Yandy that he wants to get all three of his baby mamas together for a dinner. He wants to make sure all of his kids will be OK while he’s away. 

During the dinner, Mendeecees’ mom Judy gets into an argument with one of his baby mamas, Samantha, and her mom. Mendeecees quickly diffuses the situation and tells everyone that he wants his kids to be able to see him while he’s behind bars. Samantha seems hesitant to let their son visit Mendeecees in prison, but Yandy and Erica, the mother of his son Asim, agree to let the kids see him.

Even though Yandy has a lot on her plate, she still allows Remy Ma to help with her wedding, and tells the “Hands Down” rapper that she's throwing a bachelorette party for her. Rah Ali, who isn't fond of Yandy, doesn’t like that she gets to plan the party for Remy.

During the bachelorette party, Yandy pulls Rah to the side to try and squash their beef. Rah tells Yandy she thinks she’s fake but in the end they agree to put their differences aside so they can focus on Remy’s wedding.

Also during the episode, Peter Gunz steps up to the plate and decides to take responsibility for all the drama he’s caused between his ex, Tara Wallace, and wife Amina Buddafly. Peter tells the camera that he’s going to take his daughter Whitney's advice and get a vasectomy.

While at Tara’s doctor appointment to find out the sex of their baby, Peter reveals his plan to her. Tara, however, doesn’t believe he’ll actually go through with it and get the vasectomy.

Later, Tara has dinner with Yandy and finally tells her about her pregnancy. By this point, Tara is eight and half months along. Yandy is shocked to find out her close friend kept her baby news a secret for so long, and isn’t happy that the father is Peter. Yandy wants her to leave Peter alone, especially since he’s married.

Episode 8 also shows Cardi B and DJ Self get into a fight. Cardi is furious Self won’t listen to her music. The former stripper starts yelling and tells him she feels betrayed. Self doesn't seem to be really listening to Cardi and tells her he won’t listen to her music until she’s more professional about it. Cardi gets upset and storms away from him.

“Love & Hip Hop: New York” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.